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Image of Tim Kruchowsky

Tim Kruchowsky

Co-owner, The Manual Therapy Institute, Austin, TX

​“I have been using Vigor equipment in all my clinics since about 1993.  I cannot imagine doing orthopedic manual physical therapy without these tools.  When I teach, I recommend the use of unloading and tissue specific exercise training to all my students.  The concept of unloading is a must and Vigor’s equipment is the best."

Jeff Abernethy

Manager Outpatient Therapy Services,
Scottsdale, AZ

"Vigor unloading systems has been one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my physical therapy practice. The Vigor allows for a comfortable fitting vest around the torso that truly unloads the patient from trunk weight. This type of unloading allows for proper biomechanics of the pelvis, hips and lower extremities under partial weight bearing conditions not otherwise achieved by other devices. In addition, the Vigor Unloader also provides true trunk unloading which is essential in treating spine disorders that are affected by weight bearing loads. I use Vigor unloading for everything from retraining gait following joint replacement to high level endurance running athletes trying to improve in their sport. The unloading concept is the same as other systems, but the dynamics are unmatched." 

Chris Frentz

Michiana Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Granger, IN

"After exploring the options on our new build we again chose Vigor Equipment for our Pulley System, Vigor Gym's and Unweighting System. We appreciate the simplicity of the design, extra width of the Vigor Gym, and ability to have patients walk at multiple angles, perform functional movements, and run while in the harnesses. The team at Vigor has been great with follow up and design feedback that we have suggested throughout the years."

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